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I tried to get them to add DGB as a payment method.

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Are you currently working on atomic swaps? We are swamped with tons of stuff at the moment. The capability has been there since activated Segwit.

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Any dev can do this. Any plans of a light wallet?

Neutral Контроль ваших денег Этот кошелек дает вам полный контроль над вашими биткойнами. Это значит, что никто не сможет заморозить ваш счет или потерять ваши деньги. Однако, вы должны помнить о том, что ответственность за безопасность и резервное копирование вашего кошелька полностью лежит на .

We have had a light wallets for over three years. Can you tell us about how much it any involvement Microsoft had code wise? Or was it a case of "Here, try this" and that was all they gave DigiByte? We referenced research done by Microsoft.

Ledger Nano S

Till recently this was used to support all public facing DigiByte sites and infrastructure. Has this been decided and do you have an estimate on when the foundation will be operational? I know many folks are interested in a Hardware Wallet such as Tezor or Ledger. Do you know of any developments that will introduce a DGB compatible hardware wallet?

Seeing as DiguSign is coming along very nicely it looks great! Also we have several repos we maintain on the main DigiByte account besides core project.

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No location determined yet for foundation. We are talking to several bodies. Anyone can pickup and help us get Trezor and hardware wallets working.

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DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain after all. We had an iOS app for two years until Волатильности курса доллара на removed it.

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Ledger nano s wallet address app has been here since So you sold DiguSign? If so, to whom?

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To clarify I did not "sell" DiguDign. I am still in an advisory role to the project.

And thanks alot for doing this here. Transparancy leads to trust and trust to.

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There are so many awesome things that can be done with DigiByte! The ledger nano s wallet address people we can get invovled the better!

ledger nano s wallet address

Hi Jared. Iam working on a html5 ledger nano s wallet address type game and iam planning to make it multiplayer with a global market.

Will there ever be a javascript api to make sure i can use digibytecoin to fascilitate trade in and out of the game? Check out the DigiByte playground. Also please note we are releasing a new website by October 1st with more information for developers.

So stay tuned.

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If you were to do anything differently since the launch of DigiByte, what would it be and why? I would have done more public events sooner to get more people involved.

Открыть счет! Итак, вы настроили свой Ledger Nano S, установили приложение Bitcoin Wallet, но ещё не разобрались, как перевести в него биткоины?

I also would have added multi algo mining from the beginning. You stated that you would like to focus on the ac Tags:.